north american handmade bike show

some pics i stole from cyclofiend from the super recent NAHBS.

the super hot return of the handmade rod operated ft mech. oh i want one.

undesided about this front rack. i think i like it, but i think i would like it more if the tubes were a bit more svelt.

i’m not too sure about this BB situation. part of me says yes, part of me says that bullet thing isnt happening.

bruce gordon ti rear rack. likes it.

3 Responses

  1. That suicide shifter is from Portland badass Tony Pereira (or however you spell his last name.) I think he took away more than a few awards this year.

    FYI – next year, the show will be here. Fuck yeah!

  2. Now, now, that rod activated front derailleur isn’t a “suicide shifter” – you need to find a “gambio corsa” for that… ;^)

    I’ve actually got a short interview with Tony, which can be viewed here. Enjoy!

  3. Here’s a good reference page for the gambio corsa…