24 Hours of Sunlight!

OK, so this may sound crazy to some of you, but who’s in for the 24hours of Levi.
It is June 13/14 in Levi, in Finnish Lapland, and requires NO use of lights!

Veronika and I will be driving from Prague to Copenhagen, then ferrying over to Sweden; will drive to Stockholm; then either drive or take a train either up Sweden or Finland, depending on which is more effective. It should be a kinda long drive but we are excited for some good scenery through the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Our new diesel Hyundai wagon gets about 60mpg highway with a roof rack and plenty of trunk space, so we should be able to accommodate 3(+?) more inhabitants.

We can pick up stragglers at all major airports along the way: Prague(PRG), Berlin(BER, SXF, TXL, THF), Copenhagen(CPH, RKE), Stockholm(ARN, BMA, NYO, VST), Helsinki(HEM, HEL), Kittila(KTT)

The race is in Eastern European Time (EEST) at UTC+3. That’s 7hours ahead of the east coast, 10 ahead of AZ, and 1 ahead of most of mainland Europe and the western two fingers of north Europe.

170km north of the Arctic Circle it is daylight for months on end, so no need for lights and a COMPLETELY different experience on the 24 hour race. I am quite curious how it would feel to never get dark?! Plus the race is only 50eur and includes 24 hrs of sauna and camping.

Only 9 guys and 2 women in solo last year, so we are going to kick ass!!
(the women’s winner only got 108km! ha! Veronika has only done like 3 rides in the last year less than that!
She is gonna rip those Finns a new one! She did 156k at old pueblo last year and had been so sick for the previous 2 days that she didn’t eat anything and had to pull over to either puke or shit behind every other cactus! Even my pedestrian 182k last year would have got me 4th.)

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