(Merde.. oh, hey didn’t see you there…)
Howdy,s des canadiennes

For the past decade I’ve been into bikes in a big way. Some would say too big a’ way. Some might say I’m preachy and a bit off my nut. That’s ok by me. I never wanted to be on my nut anyway. Hell I don’t even like nuts. So… This page will mainly be about nutty projects I’m working on, or people I’m into, or people who piss me off, or rides I’ve been, or links to dope shit, or how much beer you can drink and still shift gears ok and determine which lever is the rear brake…

I don’t profess to be the be all end all in terms of knowledge, but I do know what works for my needs, and I do know that I have recently decided that all overtly contemporary technology on my bike is retarded. I mean that in a mean, saying someone is retarded kinda way. Yeah, I’m like that.


(Yep, he’s a bit off his nut, so we are here to try to keep him in check. Unfortunately we agree a bunch, but most of us here aren’t afraid to play the devil’s advocate, so it balances out sometimes. -Cory, v Prace)

Says the guy who is about to buy white bar tape and white hoods!  Cory aka Walnuts.  When did you add this?  This about page isn’t nearly funny enough.  Why haven’t you added any content recently?  Who wants on the wagon to add content?  Leave a comment!

(Yeah, so the white bar tape didn’t really work out so well on my cross/road bike. The wife has done white cork tape for so long on hers and it still looks nice 18months later. So I tired white microtex to match my saddle, and it lasted about 3 weeks til one or three more than a bit rainy rides converted it to worn, blotchy, grey tape.

Plus, somehow there is dried dog shit in the right drop. But it’s somewhere my hand doesn’t touch, so I decided not to really clean it off. kinda give a good perspective. I must have laid the bike down in some city park, beer garden, or when taking an urban corner too fast. Oh well!?

One of the James put this up first, and I just happen to comment/update every 7 5/16 months or so. Who knows when or where the dialogue will go next.)

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