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In direct defiance of the Weather Radar Map Gods, we got our camping kits out this weekend and rode up to the mountains for an overnight trip.  The rain had crushed our souls for weeks on end; like living in a rain forest without the giant snakes and people in khaki uniforms filming shows about […]

Alley Kat, July 3rd

What:  July 3rd Alley Kat Where:  The bell tower in Baker Park, Frederick City MD.  Afterparty at Krugs Place, on east street. When: 6:30 PM How much?  8 dollars. Prizes?  Hell yes.  Crappy Prizes?  only for the losers. What to bring:  A cell phone, a blinky light, a messenger bag. Last November’s Alley Cat brought […]

s24o, first weekend in april

fried chicken!, originally uploaded by jamesjohnsonart. joe and julie and mel and i headed out to the C&Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh for a quick camping trip. joe and julie rode down from frederick (suckers) and mel and i took our corporate jet, and met them in point of rocks. mel and i ate a bunch of ice cream, […]

Looking for a Witness

Looking for a Witness, originally uploaded by cyclotourist. Jeezus.

i woke up thinking this


P1040156, originally uploaded by jamesjohnsonart. s24o, april 10th frederick watershed. bring some grub and semi warm clothes maybe a few beers. leaving, probably, at 5 pm from my house. if dont know where that is, ask. jamesjohnsonart at gmail dot com you should come. really.

be afraid

as dave said, roughly “who will light on fire first?” this is of course, dave’s beautifully crafted ‘cherry chucker’, his cherry bomb launcher WMD. i dont know if he drew it just cause i asked where the cocktail napkin drawing was, but he sent me this rad drawing too. the place to see it: my […]

s24o rednex drunkade fire jumping party action

jay, john, dan and yours very truly set off saturday evening for some stealth camping.  upon arrival, i noticed with some chagrin that my chosen stop was kinda close to the road, a fact that went unnoted last time, cause there were leaves on the trees.  this caused mild paranoia, but we set up shop, […]

Alley Cat Action!

the what what: frederick city alley cat, w/ checkpoints, contests, challenges, scavenger hunting, and rad urban cyclist prizes. Where: meet at the big bell tower in baker park downtown frederick.  you know it.  MAP HERE all the normal crap too: skid competion, track stand comp, rapping comp. do we all know what an alley cat […]

Cleaning out the Drafts: whats efficiency got to do got to do with it?

Originally written Feb 4, 2008 In 1903 the Wright brothers flew for a few seconds in a heavier than air craft of their own design. They worked outside of typical aeronautics thought, reworking and recalculating established thought. The wooden propeller they developed, hand hewn from laminated wood, was 83% efficient. Modern Propellers, the most advanced […]