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DIY snow tires

Seattle Snowpocalypse

the leading helmet of earth

Through complex processes not totally unrelated to legally grey facebook stalking have I acquired a Catlike Whisper Plus helmet, Matte Black, size L. This is the leading helmet of our planet by virtually any quantification. Yet I already have a still new Bern G2. So, I’m taking it to the markets, including this one. Find […]

Long Time, Some Post

Compelled to post this because: “Sometimes the cosmic tumblers turn just right and the universe opens to possibilities never before imagined.” So I met some of the kids from Outlier on Friday, then I found out they sponsor the blog Prolly is Not Probably, that has a weekly “Merckx Monday” post. Just seemed like a […]

A Bike of Interest

The time has come to sell my Swedish cykel. Originally sourced from the Swedish Craigslist equivilent (, and then resourcefully added to, and turned into a fixed-gear with Casey’s help during a marathon g-chat session. The frame is a 57cm lugged DBS (Den Beste Sykkel – “The Best Bike”) which is a well known Norwegian […]

Mission Bicycle

I like this concept. I wonder how well they sell though. Mission Bicycle Company

Cleaning out the Drafts: whats efficiency got to do got to do with it?

Originally written Feb 4, 2008 In 1903 the Wright brothers flew for a few seconds in a heavier than air craft of their own design. They worked outside of typical aeronautics thought, reworking and recalculating established thought. The wooden propeller they developed, hand hewn from laminated wood, was 83% efficient. Modern Propellers, the most advanced […]

Cleaning out the drafts: Dingleberry remover

I’d better get this out of the way since I said I would and the Ridelugged overlord took the time to give me an account.  No napkin drawings for Johnson, but

this is just too good

a website of Casey’s favorite material and its, lets say, issues: plus they found someone who did one better than my broken and repaired record rear mech:

Bikes save lives….

I was reading some news on the BBC site and found this interesting piece on a bicycle ambulance. Dig it…. Bicycle Ambulance

a new frame for our retrogrouches

the apex of synergy between classic and high-tech!! check it out at velo orange and velo news. (unfortunately they opted out of the extra set of seatstays of the true mixte.)