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Czech Championship Cross Post

So yesterday we hosted the Czech National Single Speed Championships 2009/Mistrovství České Republiky v Single Speedu 2009 here on the edge of Prague. It was a snowy 27km lollipop loop, with over 22km of forest single and doubletrack. i had haphazardly marked the twisting trail 2 days before in the fresh, and several racers got […]

Cleaning Out the Drafts: A Saturday morning stroll (aka. Commute then to Točna)

DISCLAIMER: Gratuitous use of the letter č in this post Originally written June 12, 2007. So Verča and I headed out for a Saturday morning ride. We weren’t in a hurry, because it was supposed to rain all week-end. But by the time we roused ourselves it was nice and we took a quick jaunt. […]

this is just too good

a website of Casey’s favorite material and its, lets say, issues: plus they found someone who did one better than my broken and repaired record rear mech:

Winter Polo season has begun

So I met up with some czechs, belges, and americans here in Prague, made some mallets, and started screwing around on street hockey courts a few weeks ago. Well this week-end we threw down for real. We started playing some legit games on a newly discovered marble court on a historic platform of the Restaurant […]

a new frame for our retrogrouches

the apex of synergy between classic and high-tech!! check it out at velo orange and velo news. (unfortunately they opted out of the extra set of seatstays of the true mixte.)

rural tools

not really a biking post (other than being at the cottage for week-end biking), but.. it’s sometimes interesting what tools you find laying around over here in the garden. you might have thought it was the 1st of May not the 1st of October?

Week-end Biking in Prague

So just a quick couple of pics from this past week-end. Verča hasn’t slowed down too much being 6 months pregnant. She does seem to have figured out how to take better photos than me though. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, this was a nice fall ride in Brdy, 20minutes south of Prague. It […]

carbon repair

OK, so a while back I broke a stupidly expensive rear mech. It was a campagnolo 10 speed record, short-cage carbon, ti, aluminum, and plastic affair: Needless to say the part that broke was the carbon outer plate. Not the alu knuckles, plastic pulley wheels, ti and alu bolts, or even the steel pivots. The […]

ok, so we’ve all been on summer holiday!

So Casey and Rob and Nick and Cory have all been off dealing with life and summer. I mean Rob got a cat. Casey got a house and spent some time away from civilization in the Vermont hills. Nick has probably been out exploring the woodland cemetery. And I apparently knocked up my wife. But […]

So we hooked up with some folks in Vienna last week.. (actually 110 weeks ago, but who’s counting!)

_ (note: originally written 19 June 2007) So for the last week of her full-time work with the research hospital (she has started her new position with the Academy of Sciences now, and still consults with the hospital) Verča had a conference in Vienna, Austria to go to. It was a Wednesday – Sunday deal […]