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Alley Kat, July 3rd

What:  July 3rd Alley Kat Where:  The bell tower in Baker Park, Frederick City MD.  Afterparty at Krugs Place, on east street. When: 6:30 PM How much?  8 dollars. Prizes?  Hell yes.  Crappy Prizes?  only for the losers. What to bring:  A cell phone, a blinky light, a messenger bag. Last November’s Alley Cat brought […]

i woke up thinking this

s24o rednex drunkade fire jumping party action

jay, john, dan and yours very truly set off saturday evening for some stealth camping.  upon arrival, i noticed with some chagrin that my chosen stop was kinda close to the road, a fact that went unnoted last time, cause there were leaves on the trees.  this caused mild paranoia, but we set up shop, […]

Alley Cat Action!

the what what: frederick city alley cat, w/ checkpoints, contests, challenges, scavenger hunting, and rad urban cyclist prizes. Where: meet at the big bell tower in baker park downtown frederick.  you know it.  MAP HERE all the normal crap too: skid competion, track stand comp, rapping comp. do we all know what an alley cat […]

ok, again: the happy yum yum ride.

yeah, so, it didnt work the first time.  maybe no one HEARD that there is more food than riding.  More drink than pedal.  More relaxing than huff puffing.  Well, here it is, again:  The Happy Yum Yum Ride.  We gotta pick a date that people can make, and really, let us know, and if we […]

another ride, plus august scramble wrap up.

. . . . . so we had a super good turn out for the scramble.  dave got points for driving the furthest to get here.  phil got points for riding a bike that would give a cory townie a run for its money (crappynesswise).  way to many people showed up on fixed gears and […]

alley cat madness

i want to hold a super strange frederick specific alley cat, followed by a skid comp and a freestyle comp.  all are welcome, even if you dont have a fixed gear.  course, i wont be racing, cause i’ll be organizing.  if you wanna race, you cant organize.  but maybe your spouse can.  we need people […]

map my ride.

so route slip became the beached whale that is left to die on the sands of new jersey and is looted by tourists and inuit wannabes.  they sort of stopped providing support, and rolled over and lost all my routes, which was a lot of routes.  thats what you get for free i guess. anyway, […]


. . the dscwdibmssitilmslahcibbjf78hddr was originally slated to take place at 1pm in myersville.  rob pre-drove the course with mark, and they deemed it too hard.  ok.  i can handle criticism.  or can i?  buahahahahaha.  here is my proposed compromise, complied from a dirt roads index that joe whitehair gave me, and a ride profile […]

a spoke card for the dscwdibmssitilmslahcibbjf78hddr

here it is in all its glory. one per customer. spoke card for the ride spoken of below. you will be there. nick, get your ticket. or hide in cory’s baggage.