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i woke up thinking this

From craigslist, via

I am reposting this from the forum, because frankly, it doesn’t involve me writing anything new. thanks to brewer, who found this in the first place. Bike for sale What kind of bike? I don’t know, I’m not a bike scientist. What I am though is a manly guy looking to sell his bike. This […]

another ride, plus august scramble wrap up.

. . . . . so we had a super good turn out for the scramble.  dave got points for driving the furthest to get here.  phil got points for riding a bike that would give a cory townie a run for its money (crappynesswise).  way to many people showed up on fixed gears and […]

DIY handlebar Lunchbox thing

So recently I’ve been looking at handlebar bags like the Sunlite Bartender 4 and thinking about how useful these can be. Albeit generic looking and not at all unique, which is something someone like me is often concerned with when deciding on bits and parts that will have no overall cohesiveness nor rhyme or reason […]

man fights literary devices, loses, then wins!

then eats yellow snow. iron-E seems to have johnson pinned to the cold hard facts of reality wet soggy ground. our hero can hardly breath under the weight of such literary deviciveness but victory is never far, and johnson stands triumpant, yellowing iron-e savagely what what? victory mmm yellow

By Kefe Tish

“Bike Fetish Gave Man an ‘Overwhelming Sense of Calm’”

WHOA! um, weird…or wicked?

lights and nah

so here is my super quick guide to bike lighting, not really for you to read now, but more so you can ref it later, when i link to it and yeah. our rambles end in the dark or the dusk, as a rule. people dont believe me when i say a ride is going […]


Here’s my scoot, a semi-ridiculous ride of a fixie… So I got this frame from John, who got it from me, who got it from Mark, who got it from Brandon…and who knows where it came from before that. I added some parts from a 80′s lugged Giant road bike and some parts from Mark […]

It’s about bikes…so,

Old School So this used to be a website I updated and ran for about two years or so…back in 2002. It’s supposed to be a magazine flip kinda page browsing program…oh, and it’s about bmx stuff. I used to think it was fun, now I just think it’s funny. Enjoy. RobQ