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ok, so we’ve all been on summer holiday!

So Casey and Rob and Nick and Cory have all been off dealing with life and summer. I mean Rob got a cat. Casey got a house and spent some time away from civilization in the Vermont hills. Nick has probably been out exploring the woodland cemetery. And I apparently knocked up my wife. But […]

So we hooked up with some folks in Vienna last week.. (actually 110 weeks ago, but who’s counting!)

_ (note: originally written 19 June 2007) So for the last week of her full-time work with the research hospital (she has started her new position with the Academy of Sciences now, and still consults with the hospital) VerĨa had a conference in Vienna, Austria to go to. It was a Wednesday – Sunday deal […]

old peublo 2008

(eds. note: so it seems that this never got posted because I never got pics from from Wayne4 and Zac, and I just noticed it in drafts. so anyway here it is with my pics. it was written 16 March 2009.) Presidents Day week-end 2008 We flew out to AZ to escape the winter in […]