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Alley Kat, July 3rd

What:  July 3rd Alley Kat Where:  The bell tower in Baker Park, Frederick City MD.  Afterparty at Krugs Place, on east street. When: 6:30 PM How much?  8 dollars. Prizes?  Hell yes.  Crappy Prizes?  only for the losers. What to bring:  A cell phone, a blinky light, a messenger bag. Last November’s Alley Cat brought […]

i woke up thinking this

Week-end Biking in Prague

So just a quick couple of pics from this past week-end. Verča hasn’t slowed down too much being 6 months pregnant. She does seem to have figured out how to take better photos than me though. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, this was a nice fall ride in Brdy, 20minutes south of Prague. It […]

Two Guys Who Know

Bikes To Love, Bikes To Hate

In contrast to my previous post, I have found a

old peublo 2008

(eds. note: so it seems that this never got posted because I never got pics from from Wayne4 and Zac, and I just noticed it in drafts. so anyway here it is with my pics. it was written 16 March 2009.) Presidents Day week-end 2008 We flew out to AZ to escape the winter in […]

rapha spoke card

of mild interest to someone, i am sure.

NYT Posts Something I Am Actually Not Repulsed By

Bikes In Film from the Digital Ramble blog.

WSJ Schtick & The Bushwick Bike Chick

rapha ramble ‘recon’

i was invited to chart a ‘rapha continental ride’, ie a bike ride in the continental style: dirt roads, mountain passes, grand vistas.  it will be part of a published series of rides documented in a classic style, ie from a van with medium format cameras, hanging out the window on 40 mph rutted descents.  […]