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i woke up thinking this

Cleaning out the Drafts: whats efficiency got to do got to do with it?

Originally written Feb 4, 2008 In 1903 the Wright brothers flew for a few seconds in a heavier than air craft of their own design. They worked outside of typical aeronautics thought, reworking and recalculating established thought. The wooden propeller they developed, hand hewn from laminated wood, was 83% efficient. Modern Propellers, the most advanced […]

rural tools

not really a biking post (other than being at the cottage for week-end biking), but.. it’s sometimes interesting what tools you find laying around over here in the garden. you might have thought it was the 1st of May not the 1st of October?

flashback from late winter

I kept meaning to remind you folks of some of the nice things about living in the Czech Republic from back in mid February. Not the driving snow, but the fact that as I ride home from work, the beer distributor is pumping fresh beer into the pubs from a tanker truck the same size […]

Dr Silvbrazen discusses the ‘Ethics of Lugs’: explorations in aesthetics, ethics, value theory, taste, applied arts, craft vs contemporary craft, industrial art, and fine art. with diversions into other stuff.

Lugs look lovely.  Let us not overlook this basic truth.  Even the crudest lug has character to it, a statement of purpose defining the form and lending a degree of individuality to even the most mass produced joint.  What is truth in art?  By calling something beautiful rather than as Kant put it, visually agreeable, […]

SRAM’s Indexed Immorality

Sram shafts Super Randonneurs and tedious tweed touting tourists with wacky wonder shifter.  The new, portlier, uglier, and less ergonomic shifter adds another nail in the coffin for those who know how to shift the righteous way.  Friction of course.  Fabulously faultless and finely fine-tunable, friction is rejected by racers who refuse to reap the […]

bike commuting in a big city

_ So I forgot to post this yesterday. I saw this lady riding to work (I’m guessing to the nunnery) [ok, so it wasn’t that nun. She was in Italy of something. But it definitely was a nun. She was actually a good bit younger and kinda cute. That’s OK to say right? And she […]

another ride, plus august scramble wrap up.

. . . . . so we had a super good turn out for the scramble.  dave got points for driving the furthest to get here.  phil got points for riding a bike that would give a cory townie a run for its money (crappynesswise).  way to many people showed up on fixed gears and […]

day ride/a tale of two one point fives.

. By the light of the day the pimp’s yellow ochre suit is plain beige. The rotting wooden trailer out front is the same emerald green as the swing that sat under the willow tree for years after the willow had blown down in a windstorm, 15 feet from the porch where I slept, dead […]

random thoughts on nothing i could put in brackets and say {this is what it is secretly about} although, maybe randomness is what is all about, after all

i was talking to a local rider and friend, and fellow penn state art program guy eric roman the other day. yesterday actually. and we were sitting at the table cory designed, and talking about people we knew, and found that we both knew a number of philly folks, and meg, so there meg, eric […]