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not posting is depressing

because it means i havent been riding. anyway, lets rectify!  on friday evening.  s24o, leaving from the casbah johnson.  you me and the bottle makes 3…  anyway. details?  oh those!  meet @ 6.30, outta here by 7ish.  bring a headlamp, so we can gather forthly fire sticks and cook hot dogs to a carbon-y finish.  […]

Rapha Continental Centre Ramble Write Up

I helped put together a Rapha Continental Ride, as the spoke card below denotes.  Some editors from Bicycling magazine showed up and rode it as well, and wrote it up, and gave a shout out to not only this humble, dust cover’d blog, but also to the neglected but viable dirt road database.  We thank […]

rapha spoke card

of mild interest to someone, i am sure.

rapha ramble ‘recon’

i was invited to chart a ‘rapha continental ride’, ie a bike ride in the continental style: dirt roads, mountain passes, grand vistas.  it will be part of a published series of rides documented in a classic style, ie from a van with medium format cameras, hanging out the window on 40 mph rutted descents.  […]

It’s finally here. The RideLugged Spring Opener.

Ah the spring opener.  Where we get to see how fat everyone got over the winter and how annoyingly slim Joe stays, regardless of the season. Yeah so, I thought 45 miles was a decent place to start.  Now: for the fat asses, (me) and the ladies (me) there will be a short cut back […]

Pavé Pavé Pavé!

Pavé Pavé Pavé! is a blog written by Whit Yost, a Philly resident with a love of all things cobbled, sweaty, and Euro.  His new site is a handy guide to the Spring Classics, with links to good coverage, informed commentary, and actual first hand knowledge of some of the courses.  I’ve been meaning to […]

ok, again: the happy yum yum ride.

yeah, so, it didnt work the first time.  maybe no one HEARD that there is more food than riding.  More drink than pedal.  More relaxing than huff puffing.  Well, here it is, again:  The Happy Yum Yum Ride.  We gotta pick a date that people can make, and really, let us know, and if we […]

Can it be done?

snoop vase 2.jpg, originally uploaded by jamesjohnsonart. A ride on saturday, the 20th!  or sunday… the 21st.  (apologies, I was obviously looking at the martian calendar… the first time). Ole Saint Nick will be in town, so we gotta get at least one ride in with him. I propose taking it easy: ie no mountain […]

Mel’s ‘Happy Yum Yum Ride’ (last weekend o’ the month!)

Um.  Hmm.  Oh.  Ok.  The Happy Yum Yum Ride will start at 5 East 7th street, where you will indulge in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, whiskey on the rocks, (AC/DC?) cocaine…we’re gunna roll outta here, like pedal to the metal, at like…. 9.30…that’s AM, slacker.  Um we’re gunna ride some, a little bit, […]

czech ride, next thursday. yes thursday.

so cory and veronika (eds.) are going to be in town for less time than it takes a 3 toed sloth to blink six times.  regardless, we’ll be holding a ride on the highly inconvenient(eds.) working day of thursday the 20th.  this means you can’t come.  sorry.  but, really, how often do you see these […]