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Long Time, Some Post

Compelled to post this because: “Sometimes the cosmic tumblers turn just right and the universe opens to possibilities never before imagined.” So I met some of the kids from Outlier on Friday, then I found out they sponsor the blog Prolly is Not Probably, that has a weekly “Merckx Monday” post. Just seemed like a […]

Alley Kat, July 3rd

What:  July 3rd Alley Kat Where:  The bell tower in Baker Park, Frederick City MD.  Afterparty at Krugs Place, on east street. When: 6:30 PM How much?  8 dollars. Prizes?  Hell yes.  Crappy Prizes?  only for the losers. What to bring:  A cell phone, a blinky light, a messenger bag. Last November’s Alley Cat brought […]

i woke up thinking this

Cleaning out the drafts: Dingleberry remover

I’d better get this out of the way since I said I would and the Ridelugged overlord took the time to give me an account.  No napkin drawings for Johnson, but

Cleaning out the drafts: Bike Mower

Lawn Mower Fail « FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

this is just too good

a website of Casey’s favorite material and its, lets say, issues: plus they found someone who did one better than my broken and repaired record rear mech:

Winter Polo season has begun

So I met up with some czechs, belges, and americans here in Prague, made some mallets, and started screwing around on street hockey courts a few weeks ago. Well this week-end we threw down for real. We started playing some legit games on a newly discovered marble court on a historic platform of the Restaurant […]

a new frame for our retrogrouches

the apex of synergy between classic and high-tech!! check it out at velo orange and velo news. (unfortunately they opted out of the extra set of seatstays of the true mixte.)


Recently I saw this post on Retro-Bike and am not sure if you, the readers of all things lugged, have also seen this. Apparently this guy has the ultimate collection of all things 90′s and mountain bike. Ultimate Collection? Here’s a teaser pic.

The Safety bike revisited

Sometimes when you work in a shop too long, ideas can be thought to be good ones. Like the day an employee decided he was gonna leave his bike in the work area in a stand overnight, and well into the next day as well. When two childish shop employees went about their daily ritual […]