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s24o rednex drunkade fire jumping party action

jay, john, dan and yours very truly set off saturday evening for some stealth camping.  upon arrival, i noticed with some chagrin that my chosen stop was kinda close to the road, a fact that went unnoted last time, cause there were leaves on the trees.  this caused mild paranoia, but we set up shop, […]

rural tools

not really a biking post (other than being at the cottage for week-end biking), but.. it’s sometimes interesting what tools you find laying around over here in the garden. you might have thought it was the 1st of May not the 1st of October?

carbon repair

OK, so a while back I broke a stupidly expensive rear mech. It was a campagnolo 10 speed record, short-cage carbon, ti, aluminum, and plastic affair: Needless to say the part that broke was the carbon outer plate. Not the alu knuckles, plastic pulley wheels, ti and alu bolts, or even the steel pivots. The […]

ok, so we’ve all been on summer holiday!

So Casey and Rob and Nick and Cory have all been off dealing with life and summer. I mean Rob got a cat. Casey got a house and spent some time away from civilization in the Vermont hills. Nick has probably been out exploring the woodland cemetery. And I apparently knocked up my wife. But […]

what’s a broken $400 piece of carbon look like?

ok, so I went for a short ride the other day to meet the misses after work, for a tool around on some city park paths. it turned pretty short, when on a steep little dirt climb my front wheel kicked up a piece or path debris (a stick or a rock, in the end […]

Rapha Continental Centre Ramble Write Up

I helped put together a Rapha Continental Ride, as the spoke card below denotes.  Some editors from Bicycling magazine showed up and rode it as well, and wrote it up, and gave a shout out to not only this humble, dust cover’d blog, but also to the neglected but viable dirt road database.  We thank […]

The Twitter Twatter of Seven Time Tour Tchamp

Pursuant to the convo Case and I had while he was e-supervising my fixed gear conversion project I thought I’d post some choice clips from Lancey Stronglegs’ twitter stream: “You know why else New Mexico is cool? The Shins are from here. 4:11 AM Apr 30th from TwitterBerry Good morning! Feeding kids and getting ready […]

Who Likes The Trials Riding?

the wind i had for breakfast

the wind is shaking my house.  it’s brick.  every window is rattling like a freight train is practicing parallel parking in my attic. i finished my roll of film in my 1935 agfa plenax.  while i do dishes tonite i will develop it, see what comes out. (note, it was full of light leaks from […]

ok, again: the happy yum yum ride.

yeah, so, it didnt work the first time.  maybe no one HEARD that there is more food than riding.  More drink than pedal.  More relaxing than huff puffing.  Well, here it is, again:  The Happy Yum Yum Ride.  We gotta pick a date that people can make, and really, let us know, and if we […]