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Long Time, Some Post

Compelled to post this because: “Sometimes the cosmic tumblers turn just right and the universe opens to possibilities never before imagined.” So I met some of the kids from Outlier on Friday, then I found out they sponsor the blog Prolly is Not Probably, that has a weekly “Merckx Monday” post. Just seemed like a […]

this is just too good

a website of Casey’s favorite material and its, lets say, issues: plus they found someone who did one better than my broken and repaired record rear mech:

not posting is depressing

because it means i havent been riding. anyway, lets rectify!  on friday evening.  s24o, leaving from the casbah johnson.  you me and the bottle makes 3…  anyway. details?  oh those!  meet @ 6.30, outta here by 7ish.  bring a headlamp, so we can gather forthly fire sticks and cook hot dogs to a carbon-y finish.  […]

Rapha Continental Centre Ramble Write Up

I helped put together a Rapha Continental Ride, as the spoke card below denotes.  Some editors from Bicycling magazine showed up and rode it as well, and wrote it up, and gave a shout out to not only this humble, dust cover’d blog, but also to the neglected but viable dirt road database.  We thank […]

flashback from late winter

I kept meaning to remind you folks of some of the nice things about living in the Czech Republic from back in mid February. Not the driving snow, but the fact that as I ride home from work, the beer distributor is pumping fresh beer into the pubs from a tanker truck the same size […]

WSJ Schtick & The Bushwick Bike Chick

the wind i had for breakfast

the wind is shaking my house.  it’s brick.  every window is rattling like a freight train is practicing parallel parking in my attic. i finished my roll of film in my 1935 agfa plenax.  while i do dishes tonite i will develop it, see what comes out. (note, it was full of light leaks from […]

bIkE pArkING feTISh: Malmö

Giant bike parking lots always spark my interest, this time from Sweden’s 3rd largest city, Malmö.

24 hours of sunlight!

OK, so this may sound crazy to some of you, but who’s in for the 24hours of Levi. It is June 13/14 in Levi, in Finnish Lapland, and requires NO use of lights! Veronika and I will be driving from Prague to Copenhagen, then ferrying over to Sweden; will drive to Stockholm; then either drive […]

how high was your IQ before you learned to ride a bike?