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i woke up thinking this


Another installment of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.” Please note the hilarity that occurs at time index :30.

another ride, plus august scramble wrap up.

. . . . . so we had a super good turn out for the scramble.  dave got points for driving the furthest to get here.  phil got points for riding a bike that would give a cory townie a run for its money (crappynesswise).  way to many people showed up on fixed gears and […]

OMFG! ha ha, this one’s a shoutout to my homey Casey

_ Just posted on cycling not even on April 1st): “the big news: Campagnolo will apparently make the jump to an 11-speed cassette for its top three groups which will now include a modern revival of the Super Record nameplate.”


World Naked Bike Ride DC -2008 More (un)coverage: BYT WaPo Express DCist

Miss That Bitch

In honor of a bike that I really miss riding, here is a creepy montage of Merckx crashing.

By Kefe Tish

“Bike Fetish Gave Man an ‘Overwhelming Sense of Calm’”

the dirty sugar ferry fifty spoke card

maybe this will tempt you all into coming!

Shameless Self Promotion

Photos that bring me back to 3rd Grade that I have been ‘working’ on recently. I wont provide lengthy explanations, because I think it’s all pretty self explanatory, ya know. Everything is availible for sale or trade, as per usual. More or less name your price, as if you want to hang any of this […]

My thoughts perxactly.

“Also buttressing this idea, the TEXTURE, which was ACTUAL TEXTURE, changes when the piece because a PHOTOGRAPH, though it is still evedent to the eye, it cannot be touched. In a sense, it is SIMULATED, because it cannot be truly touched.” Missing words, non-sensical phrasing, unsupported buttressing.  I hope this guy doesn’t build any bridges […]