Cleaning Out the Drafts: A Saturday morning stroll (aka. Commute then to Točna)

So Verča and I headed out for a Saturday morning ride. We weren’t in a hurry, because it was supposed to rain all week-end. But by the time we roused ourselves it was nice and we took a quick jaunt.
I figured we would ride her commute before she had to, to get it down, and if the weather held we could find a better connection from her new job to Točna hopefully with as little road riding as possible.

The commute path was lovely and she was pretty happy about it. So we kept riding. It was nice for a bit, but then we got to some lake where we are supposed to go swimming in the summer and ran out of trail. After a while looking around for a trail we got fed up and pedalled 5 or 6km on a pretty trafficked road.

It dumped us to a town I had wandered to before and I knew a bit where we connected up to some nice doubletrack and singletrack. We rode it for a while, explored a bit more and found plenty more trail.

It was all very marked, but with some of the most cryptic marking style I’ve seen. But it was so frequently marked there must be a map of it somewhere.

When we got fed up we turned towards Točna and rode on over. We hit some smooth twisty stuff and Verča was much happier. (She had gotten a little discouraged when she slipped on a wet section of trail and needed some fun parts to boost her spirit again.)

Strangely enough we were confronted by armed local factions three times on the ride.

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