From Yameek


Brief introduction

My name is Mr. Yameek Bertin Konan from Ivory Cost. I got your contact through Mr. James Hanva
who runs business overseas. He told me to contact you with my proposal. I planed to handle this
business with him but unfortunately he was killed on a road accident few months ago. I had wanted
to contact you long before now, but I was out of town for search.

I was an accounting officer to late and former president Military ruler (Robert Guie) who was killed
during political crisis in Cote d’Ivoire. I resigned in my active work due to the fact that I have made some
plan over moving some reasonable amount overseas belonging to the former late President for investment.
If you remember, all his family was killed no single person knows about this deal and I ask that if you are
interested to handle the deal with me, first of all I will send to you all related information in order to claim
this amount in the bank.

I will not show up but rather give you all necessary advice and steps to take. Like I said it is a brief
explanation, if you are interested please do send me a return mail. I will give all necessary information to
you and my telephone number. If you are not willing kindly please forget about it and keep it to yourself
for security reasons. The amount involved will be made known to you as soon as I hear from you and how
we will share the funds. No risk is involve trust me.


Mr. Yameek Bertin Konan

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