Hang ‘em High

So as I sit in a flu-induced funk surrounded by achiness and tiredness, fueled by Pandora and Soy Nuts…?, I figured, “Why not post something on RideLugged!?!”
So recently I decided I was gonna do something about all my bikes laying around amongst each other with pedals sticking in spokes and handlebars mingling like drunken high schoolers.

It seemed like such a lowly existence for something that obviously consumes my life. I treat them worse when not riding them! I decided to start poking around the interwebs for bike storage solutions and I found some really interesting ideas and methods, but no one method had all the features I was looking for.

I took a little bit from each of the ideas I had found to my liking and started drawing out some plans. Using the space in my workshop to the utmost meant hanging the bikes on a vertical holder with two per rack. Since all the bikes I was trying to store are different in size and style, this meant using some customizing and guesstimation at it’s best.

I did some super scientific measurements and ended up with the plan I wanted. Surprisingly, it would cost the same for me to build three racks that would hold six bikes and all my accessories as it would to buy ONE vertical gravity rack with no place to hang helmets or put gloves, seat covers, water bottles, etc. . That sealed the deal.

I went to the local superstore where you can’t find anything due to the overwhelming stock and nonsensical placement of said stock. I managed to build and stain and install my three custom bike racks in three days. I can hang up my bikes on their own special rack and there is a stainless basket for accessories between the lower arms.

On the sides of the lower arms are two hooks for the helmets. My bikes have never been happier and I can freely move about my workshop now without bikes falling on me. Check out the finished product.

The overview of the three racks…

A close up view of the road rack…

A close up of the basket and helmet hooks…

So for $75 US dollars I purchased the lumber, stain, baskets, hooks, jig saw blades, brushes, and wood screws to build all three racks.

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