It’s Finally Here. The RideLugged Spring Opener.

Ah the spring opener.  Where we get to see how fat everyone got over the winter and how annoyingly slim Joe stays, regardless of the season.

Yeah so, I thought 45 miles was a decent place to start.  Now: for the fat asses, (me) and the ladies (me) there will be a short cut back to the beer, making the ride roughly 30 miles.  That said, this ride is flatter than Kansas after the tornado season: 2700 feet of climing, with the largest hill being a 400 foot climb spread over a number of miles.  Where is this opener you ask?  Well, it will start in Union Bridge, which is sorta out where Big John lives.

A bit of a drive but not too far.  Why Union Bridge?  Well, this area is pretty close to a BOAT LOAD of roads that we havnt ridden but are charted via the Dirt Road Database.  In fact, there are about 12, count em 12! dirt roads on this route, comprising about 25% of the ride.  As they are all farm roads, they should be nice and packed down, with decent vistas and all that farmy zoo smelling goodness.  I reckon we can bring lunch and find a decent spot to gnosh it.  Did I spell gnosh right?  i assume its spelled like gnosis or gnome, or gnat, but frankly, I don’t know!

Len-E, sass-E, shad-E and stash-E, oxford comma not included.

Len-E, sass-E, shad-E and stash-E, oxford comma not included.

Now… When?  Christ not this weekened, I am not in shape yet!  How about… the first weekend in May.  It will be warmer, more leaves on the trees, and I will be marginally less fat.  Always a bonus!  Saturday or Sunday, lets put it to the vote.

Oh yeah, the map!  Here.  & the elevation profile, below.

spoke card forthcoming.  don’t get your knickers in a bunch.

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