Ok, Again: The Happy Yum Yum Ride.

yeah, so, it didnt work the first time.  maybe no one HEARD that there is more food than riding.  More drink than pedal.  More relaxing than huff puffing.  Well, here it is, again:  The Happy Yum Yum Ride.  We gotta pick a date that people can make, and really, let us know, and if we remotely like you, we’ll take your preference into a-count.  Heard?  Herd.  Yeah Ya yea.

The Happy Yum Yum Ride will start at 5 East 7th street, where you will indulge in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, whiskey on the rocks, (AC/DC?) cocaine…we’re gunna roll outta here, like pedal to the metal, at like…. 9.30…that’s AM, slacker.  Um we’re gunna ride some, a little bit, go up some hills (not really.  Ed)  We’re gunna pass a cow maybe, probally a cow in a barn, cause it’s cold.  Maybe you need to wear your booties, maybe you don’t have any booties.  There is a secret stop.  We’re gunna eat like italians with the walkersvillians, we’re gunna eat like the walkersvillians like the italians with the walkersvillians.  Sorry.  (huh? Ed)  Uhm.  Then we’re gunna come back and that’s two yums. Yay!

Details: no dirt (mel said, and i quote: there will be a cough of dirt), sub 30 miles.  There is a spoke card that Mel handcrafted with sharpies.  You will get one.  She will sign it for 3 dollars.  Bring: something. (tasty. Ed)  For example: peppermint patties.  When?  Oh you want real details!  Well, there are some days availible: here they are.  Jan 25, Jan 18, um, Feb 1st.  Who is down?  When is who down?  Comment it up.

THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE TINY ISLAND RIDE.  This is a different event.  The Tiny Island Joint is gunna roll later, but not much later.  Feb some time.

mmmm black sausage:

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