Tiny Island Ride

We havnt held a ride in a while, and frankly its getting high time that changed.  i mean, it’s super cold and windy out, which is a recipe for good riding. actually it’s not, which is why i propose a ride that has very little to do with riding and everything to do with a huge greasy full english breakfast, english and possibly belgian beer, tea, and a tiny ride, somewhere nearby, to keep our foot in the door, so to speak.

I saw this shot on flickr the other day (month) and it started the ball rolling.  then john s. sent me this video, and that furthered the thing, and then yeah, well, wind and cold go well with black sausage, i reckon.

Date: undetermined.  soonish, like jan or early february.  i’m thinking a sunday brunch type thing, maybe starting around 11.30, which is a little early for beering it up, but by the time everyone gets here and the eggs get fried, it will be 12, and you will be able to imbibe with a clear conscience.

I’m thinking a semi pot luck. mel and i will fry the eggs and toast, which get cold and nasty fast, but we’ll need others to bring:  proper butcher bacon, bubble and squeak, white pudding, black pudding, heinz baked beans, quality bangers, home fries, grilled mini tomatoes and mushrooms.  i mean.  its alot!  we’ll also brew some good coffee up and have some OJ.  who’s down?  holla, if you like the idea, and sign up in the comments, or something.  i’ll advert it some more.  spoke card?  yes.  soon.

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