What’s a Broken $400 Piece Of Carbon Look Like?


Ok, so I went for a short ride the other day to meet the misses after work, for a tool around on some city park paths. it turned pretty short, when on a steep little dirt climb my front wheel kicked up a piece or path debris (a stick or a rock, in the end I wasn’t able to determine which was the final culprit.)

It nicely struck my rear derailleur, which is of course a Campagnolo Record 10 with a carbon outer plate. And with enough force to push it pretty hard. And to an insult to injury, I will have to assume that I had not conservatively enough set the inner limit screw, as the impact was enough to send the carbon mech spokeward.

It grabbed a spoke, snapped the carbon loops off the pivot and bent my alu hanger/slider a bit. So I trashed what appears to be a $400msrp derailleur. I looked up the part number for the replacement carbon outer plate from campy and it’s like $150!!

Needless to say, I bent the hanger straight and put an old all aluminum 8-spd Athena that was in a car accident crash on, and shifting is back to perfect for the 2×10.

As an added amusement, when I flipped the bike over to see how the hell I was going to ride home (which was suprisingly not a problem as long as I didn’t try to shift or do any drops over 8″) I found that my no-good-drunk mechanic didn’t tighten my fancy campy record aluminum chainring bolts very tight. 2 were missing. 60% of them were there, though; and that’s passing.
He still gets a D for that one.

And I’m gonna stop paying him in bourbon and Pilsner Urquell

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